Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Been awhile....

Hey guys can I just say im sorry? Im sure I dont have awhole lot of readers, but to those of you who do read, thank you and im sorry. Lol its been soooo long! So I guess I will catch you up as quick as I can....

Last August we bought a house in the ranches, I absolutely love it! Its 3000 sq ft, 3 bedrooms and 2 1/2 baths. It doesnt exactly feel like a home yet. I think its mostly because I havent really filled it, but thats ok its a slow process and im ok with that. Except for the fact that I pass my loft everyday and I loath it, why? Because its empty! Ha ha I put a few things in there, they consist of the decorations that I havent really gotten to hanging. I still havent figured out where to put them. But I have painted a few walls, ill post pictures soon : ) Right now were trying to get our backyard finished. I would explain that but this post would get real heated real quick. Lets just say that our builder is supposed to build the back portion of our fence and they havent come through on that promise yet. They even told us we had to do it when we first moved in the little buggers, they forgot to mention that that was there responibility.

In December we got my little hunting buddy clyde! ( yes its a red neck name, youll get over it ; ) but he is a hunting pup what do you expect? ) jk but the whole meaning behind the name is that aj's parents dog annie had puppies about ten years ago and they gave away this puppy to there neighbors. He ended up being an amazing dog and his name was clyde. He died I think at the age of 3 from some sickness and so aj's family has a soft spot for him, but I love the name so like I said you will get over it ; ) im totally kidding. Ok so we got him right before x-mas and he has grown so much! He is about 39 lbs and he is 6 months old. I hope he is big! If any of you have seen german shorthaired pointers there a medium size dog. Our kenzie is about 50 lbs, so im hoping that he ends up being alot bigger. Mostly because I have little man syndrom and so my dog would be making up for that ; ) No seriously I just want him to be a big old hunting machine. He already is showing awhole lot of potential. The day we got him we threw a toy and he brought it right back to us, without fail every time. He loves to carry things in his mouth, so to us that signals that he will be a great retriever ( one thing our kenzie struggles with ) He is always bringing you a gift when he sees you, he will pick up the most random things from a shoe to a screw driver etc.... Oh you wont believe what he did two days ago, ok bare with me for a second. So im at home and I take him out to go potty. Usually you just open the door and he goes and does his business then comes right back inside. So I open the door and right when he reaches the end of the steps he has these little turbos kick in and flies around the corner. So I go over to investigate and I look over my railing to see him chasing something ( oh by the way its dark ) I thought it was a cat so im out there yelling at him when he stops and comes up the steps inside. Im still looking over the railing trying to figure out what he was chasing when I hear a squeek squeek. So in my mind im like wait was it a squeeky toy he was chasing?! I go inside right as he comes to me and drops a VOLE!!! Do any of you know what a vole is? there like a mole, they ruin your yard and they tunnel under your grass and make those mounds that are so uneven. So he drops it and so I grab him so he will stop trying to eat the dang thing. I call aj and ask him what I should do?! the things sitting in my corner traumatized and bleeding. Aj's response.... " take it in the garage and squish it with a shovel" are you serious?! I can shoot a bird no problem but I couldnt squish this dang vole. So I chucked him in the weeds in the back yard. I figured I might as well keep the local food population happy.
Anyway he also swam for the first time on sunday. He just hopped right in. He definitely is skeptical of the water but not afraid of it. I was so proud of him. Im pathetic I know. Ill post some pictures soon.

So at the moment Aj is in the middle of building this way sick jeep tj. They just painted it, and they have the front axle done as well as the suspension. Right now there working on the rear coil overs and the rear dana 60 axle. Were pretty excited but im mostly just excited to have it done. Aj is still working at Doug Smith Autoplex ( if anyone needs a car please send them to aj he will give you such an awesome deal! ) And I am working 40 hrs a week at Peerless Beauty Supply and also about 20-30 weeks at Sunkissd tan ( no E in sunkissd, just making sure you know im not retarded all of the time ) So basically we dont ever see anyone or eachother lol. But it will be worth it in the end. I figure I might as well bust my butt right now and pay off debt and put more towards my house payment so that later on im not stressing. Im also thinking about going through the police academy or being a state trooper. Ive wanted to for a LOOOOONNNNGG time, im just getting to the point to where im like ok we need to get this show on the road. I know its weird imagining me doing that, but with the way I grew up not having parents because of drugs and what not it makes me want to try and make a difference in the world the best way I know how. Im still looking into it, but im pretty positive im going to do it. Its just a matter of time : ) Sorry y post is so long! thanks for reading, ill have pictures up soon and more posts!

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