Saturday, June 25, 2011

Houdini dogs ( kinda )

Ok so im sitting at work and im texting AJ and were talking about our dogs. I asked how they were doing and he told me Clyde was naughty this morning so im thinking the usual clyde got into the garbage or something like that, that he is famous for. Oh no thats not the case. This is how our convo went.

Lacey: How are the pups?

Aj: Naughty!

Lacey: lol what did they do?

Aj: I left the house for twenty minutes and I put clyde into his little area. ( we have a pen that you can buy from Petsmart that we put him in. Its in the kitchen right next to the kitchen table. ) I came back and there was pee on the kitchen table on the napkins and he was sitting in his pen, Ava was in her kennel, and Kenzie was on the couch.

Lacey: Seriously?

Aj: yup so I went outside and watched through a window to see what Clyde was doing. He jumps on the table stands on it and then he will jump back into his pen.

Anyway we talked for a bit longer and we came to the conclusion that Clyde jumped on the table peed on the napkins then jumped back into his pen. I asked Aj why he would jump back into his pen when he is already out and he said its because he knows he will get into trouble. So he makes these little field trips onto the kitchen table and then jumps back in. My dogs are hilarious! I know I should be mad because thats really sick but I cant help but laugh. Nothing a little disenfectant and bleach wont take out, but whats funny too is the night before we come home and ava is out of her kennel.... We still cannot figure out how she got out. We put her in it and it was shut all of the way ( atleast we were assuming ) Anyway just wanted to share because I could not stop laughing I was dying.

Here is the little bugger.

Just look at him, he is naughty! Love this dog...

Friday, June 24, 2011

Interesting article I was reading!

There's a lot to like about the weight-loss article published yesterday in the New England Journal of Medicine. For beginners, the 20-year study followed more than 120,000 men and women, and the Harvard research team is top notch. But the part that's most interesting is that this group was willing to identify foods that represent "good guys" and "bad guys" in the national struggle with obesity.
In the past, nutritionists and other health professionals have preferred a more vague, less hard-hitting approach: eat moderately, exercise moderately, balance calories in and calories out, yada yada. This obviously hasn't worked, so new thinkers are trying new approaches. A couple of weeks ago, the Food Plate replaced the Food Pyramid–a simple but important step forward. We eat off plates, after all, and portion-control is an important part of weight control.
The Harvard team understands that we eat foods first and foremost, not calories. And according to their findings, the foods we eat make a difference in our weight gain (or loss). With no further folderol, here are the good guys and bad guys. (Note: These numbers represent average weight gain associated with eating quite a lot of these foods vs. not-so-much of them. A negative number (-) is good; it represents weight loss; a positive number (+) represents weight gain. On average, subjects gained a little less than 4 pounds over the four years shown below.)
Whole Grains
Diet soda
Low fat dairy
Whole fat dairy
100% fruit juice
Refined grains
Processed meats
Unprocessed red meats
Sugary beverages
Potato chips
French fries
The yogurt finding surprised the investigators a bit. Most people associate yogurt with calcium (for the bones) and active cultures that might improve stomach health. But why should yogurt hold the top rung as a weight-loss food? The researchers cite "intriguing evidence suggesting that changes in colonic bacteria might influence weight gain."
What about exercise? Yes, the study measured that too, and the high-exercise subjects lost about 1.7 lbs vs. the very-light exercisers. On the other hand, watching a lot of TV led to a weight gain of .32 lbs in four years, and drinking more alcohol to a +.39 lbs.
Remember that all these numbers are averages. Your own situation might be different. Or, as the researchers put it, "Individual variations exist."
The biggest conclusion of all parallels what other investigators have pointed out: Americans are getting fatter at the rate of just 50 to 100 calories per day. That's an almost miniscule number, but it begins to add up after 365 days, and 730 days, and 3,650 days (roughly a decade). Yet the tide could be turned, the Harvard group thinks, if "particular foods and beverages are targeted for decreased (or increased) consumption."
So look at the table above, and see if there aren't one or two good-guy or bad-guy foods that you can do something about in your own diet.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Half marathon

Ok peeps so I am running the A.F canyone half marathon July 30th. I am so stoked but way nervous! My training is going pretty good, but I must admit I have missed way too many days! Starting now im going to be running or biking five days a week after work. Wish me luck because I sure do need it!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Catching up ( slowly )

Hey guys, if any of you are still following im so sorry! Lol I know I say that alot ha ha. Life has been so crazy and thats why I have been MIA. Well im going to try harder now I promise.

January 2011

First off if anyone knows, we added a new addition to our family : ) her name is Ava, she is actually clyde's sister. It was kind of funny how it came about. Were really good friends with the breeder Joel. Aj calls him for anything dog related and he likes to keep tabs on the pups. It sounds odd I know, but he really loves these dogs and wants to make sure there being taken care of. Anyway we get a call from him one day asking if we wanted another dog. Keep in mind we already have two! He told us the situation, basically she was in limbo. The guy he sold her to ended up turning around and selling her for a profit. Then the new owners kept her for awhile then decided they couldnt take care of her, so they gave her back to the new owner who then in turn called Joel. He told Joel that he couldnt afford to keep her, he is getting a divorce and wanted to know if Joel would help him about and buy her back for the 400 dollars he bought her for..... Yeah I know! So Joel being the great guy he is agreed. Were pretty sure she has been beat, she is really timid. Well we fell in love with her and she has been a great addition to our little family, she has come along way and is finally getting some confidence. She is quirky, loves socks, loves to lick her butt for about an hour at a time, loves to roll in my garments, loves to chew up my toms, has the biggest feet in the world and is clumsy as ever, but is the sweetest dog in the whole world! Ill blog on some more updates soon guys!
Ava and Kenzie

Sweet little Ava on point

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Life as of late.

Life is still pretty much the same, I got a calling in the ward. I got called to the enrichment activities board. Nothing too special but I love it! I love my ward, Aj and I have made friends with another couple who we love. Tyler and Corinne Craig and there lab toby. We love it because were all newly weds kind of and we have dogs who love to play together. They are hilarious and we love there friendship.

Aj's brother Cooper left on his mission on the first. It was hard. I think I cried more with him then my brothers ( sorry guys ) we sure do love and miss him but we know that what he is doing is right and that the people of Bolivia need him. Were so proud of our coop, and I know this is a great sacrifice on his part but were so proud of him!

Hunting season is coming : ) its Clydes first season and were excited for him, he is a great retriever and an awesome dog. He loves the water and loves the birds. He is a quirky bugger that keeps us laughing, but we know he will do great.

Aj is still at Doug Smith Autoplex so if anyone needs a car you send them to him! He can do some pretty great deals. He still isn't sure what he wants to do but Cooper made him promise that he would be in school when he came back. Lets hope he is done with school at this point in time lol. Aj finally finished the beast, she is beautiful and he loves the thing. Im not gonna lie so do I, I secretly curse him as he drives away in it. Jk but its alot of fun I love driving the thing and she wheels great!

My brother Parker and his wife Brooke just welcomed there first baby Benjiman Parker Holladay on Sept 12th he was so small! Only five lbs! My other brother Cameron and his wife Annie welcomed there first baby CJ ( Cooper James Holladay ) in May and he is such a smiley guy I sure do love him. Next is my brother Kelly and his wife Monique in November. They will be having a girl!

Summer was too short and had very few vacations, I take that back it had NONE! We are so busy but hopefully we will be heading out on one soon.

Well thats all for now but I will try and update sooner!

Very long uuuuupdate.

Hello guys! Sorry its been so long again, we dont have the internet so im doing this on what spare time I do have. I apologize but im sure you're all used to it : ) So here it starts


I was working two jobs at this time and Aj putting as usual about a 100 hrs per paycheck. As you know we got this new puppy clyde. Well I hated having him cooped up in a kennel or corner for eight hours strait and I work twenty minutes away so it wasn't exactly convenient to run home on lunch. So we devised a plan. I had my neighbor walk him twice a week on our long days. Every Saturday and Thursday. I remember on Wednesday sitting home and I got this random thought in my head of certain scenarios that could happen to clyde. I thought what if she doesnt hold the leash right and he runs off, or gets hit by a car, or gets attacked by another dog, but I of course shrugged it off as me just being a worry wart. Thursday rolls around and I go to work as usual. I come home and walk in expecting to see Clyde and a note from this girl saying how long she walked him that day, but neither was the case. I thought maybe she came and grabbed clyde late. I then went upstairs to my extra bedroom to start hanging curtains. I was standing on the stool when I saw this girl walking up to my porch and no Clyde..... At that point I was a little worried. What in the world was going on? I ran downstairs and opened the door right as she was going to knock. As soon as I opened the door and saw her crying my stomach clenched and my heart dropped. " Where is Clyde?" she then told me how she took him to the park and he started to chase a bird and the leash slipped out of her hand. He ran into a moving car and it scared him so bad that he darted. She told me she chased him for about half a block and went home to have her parents help look, but they couldn't find him. (I am not sure how the whole traumatic stress sequency goes but I think its like this. ) Ok I said, I then grabbed my car keys and said dont worry we will find him. I then said a silent prayer and went looking. I called Aj and he left work right away to come help. We looked non stop until midnight. ( this was on a Thursday ) And still no Clyde. We assumed that someone had grabbed him and we would just call the pound in the morning and he would be there. So at this point I was still in denial I believe but very worried and confident that we would find him. The next morning I dont think Aj and I spoke to each other until we said goodbye. It was sooo silent and its hard to think about what we were feeling at that point in time. ( lol im fighting back tears at this moment writing this, dumb I know ) So we came home friday night, and Saturday night and went strait into "look for Clyde mode" and not ONE sign of the bugger. Our neighbors helped us look for about two hrs the first night he was gone and then it came down to us. Our families were so amazing as well they all at some point helped us and we appreciated it so much. We went and printed up some fliers and posted them on every single sign and corner we could find ( im not kidding I think it took the city weeks to take them all down ) On Saturday Aj and I both decided that we would fast all day to find our little bugger and we prayed constantly, that same day a teared up Aj called me saying a girl in the neighborhood below us had spotted Clyde. She described him perfectly it seemed, finally some hope! We looked until about two in the morning that night. On Sunday we recruited Aj's brother zach to help us find Clyde, and Aj borrowed a scooter from a friend. It was the only humor I got out of the whole thing seeing zach ( who isn't petite one bit ) riding on the back and Aj with his camo gear on driving. The two of them covered alot of ground from streets to the walking path and back on the streets again. We then came home still without our Clyde. Monday came and Aj and I both had pretty much began to accept that we would probabley never see him again. We both went about our business. It was about four when Aj walked into my work and the first thing he said to me was " they found Clyde, I need your keys" I just sat there staring at him! I couldn't even believe it. I had finally accepted that our lives had to move on and we found him? The relief that washed over me was nothing I had ever felt before. Aj then told me that he got a call from a phone number he didnt recognize, he wasn't going to answer it but he did. He said hello and the voice on the other end said " Aj, I've got Clyde " His name is Art, and he breeds German Shorthaired Pointers which is Clydes breed. Clyde had wandered into his construction site about five miles from our house. ( we live west of the lake and so where clyde traveled was all desert fields and hills ) he told Aj that his rear left foot was ripped open by a hunters snare. Which if you dont know what that is, its like a noose that wraps around the leg of an animal. It usually breaks the leg or does what they call degloving the leg, ie. taking all of the skin off. And that Clyde was extremely skinny. So I bet you're wondering how he found us. About an hr before that I had reposted my lost add on and Art knew that Clyde was someones pet ( maybe it was from the leash still attached to his collar?.... No we didnt put tags on him, were dumb I know ) and he told his bird dog buddies to find a way of tracking down the owners. Art had dog kennels in the back of his truck with dog food and water, he fed and watered Clyde and then put him in the kennel to wait for Aj. So Aj grabbed him and rushed him to our vet where I met him there. When the vet brought Clyde in and we first saw each other Clyde barely able to walk because he was so malnourished made his way to me, put his head on my leg and cried he saddest cry I had ever seen. I could not believe my little man was still alive, and in this room with us! The vet told us that the wound on Clyde's leg was extremely infected and she was afraid that it got into the bone. If it did then they would amputate it. She didnt want to close it, with him being a working dog, she was afraid that she didnt have the expertise...? So she sent us up to a surgeon in Salt Lake. At this point were very worried about the cost, but I told Aj I dont care how much it costs with what he has been through we owe it to him. 2,000 dollars and 10 lbs later Clyde is well and chasing birds.

Clyde's foot was wripped open to the bone and he went from 40 lbs to 29 lbs. But he is a fighter and he survived five nights at six months old in the wilderness. I can only attribute that to the many people praying for us and his return ( he kind of had a fan club ), Clyde's will to keep looking for us, our constant searching, Art Clyde's rescuer, and of course my Father in heaven. I know this sounds so cheesy but I dont care, my testimony of prayer was strengthened and so was my faith. With the lord all things are possible and this furthered proved that for us, I know for a fact that without all of these things combined that Clyde wouldn't have made it home, and I know for a fact that father in heaven was watching out for my little guy and keeping those coyotes away. Every vet we saw said he was lucky to be alive and that they were surprised with his injuries that he made it as far as he had. I am so grateful to family and friends, my sweet husband who stayed so strong for me through it all, and my heavenly father who no matter what trial we are going through in our lives whether the outcome is good or bad will be there unwavering to comfort and love us.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Happy birthday AJ my love!!! I'm so thankful that you were born! I cannot tell you how thankful I am for you, everytime you smile it makes me feel like everything in the world will always be ok even if it were falling apart. Thank you everything you do for me. I'm so grateful that the lord brought us together.