Saturday, June 25, 2011

Houdini dogs ( kinda )

Ok so im sitting at work and im texting AJ and were talking about our dogs. I asked how they were doing and he told me Clyde was naughty this morning so im thinking the usual clyde got into the garbage or something like that, that he is famous for. Oh no thats not the case. This is how our convo went.

Lacey: How are the pups?

Aj: Naughty!

Lacey: lol what did they do?

Aj: I left the house for twenty minutes and I put clyde into his little area. ( we have a pen that you can buy from Petsmart that we put him in. Its in the kitchen right next to the kitchen table. ) I came back and there was pee on the kitchen table on the napkins and he was sitting in his pen, Ava was in her kennel, and Kenzie was on the couch.

Lacey: Seriously?

Aj: yup so I went outside and watched through a window to see what Clyde was doing. He jumps on the table stands on it and then he will jump back into his pen.

Anyway we talked for a bit longer and we came to the conclusion that Clyde jumped on the table peed on the napkins then jumped back into his pen. I asked Aj why he would jump back into his pen when he is already out and he said its because he knows he will get into trouble. So he makes these little field trips onto the kitchen table and then jumps back in. My dogs are hilarious! I know I should be mad because thats really sick but I cant help but laugh. Nothing a little disenfectant and bleach wont take out, but whats funny too is the night before we come home and ava is out of her kennel.... We still cannot figure out how she got out. We put her in it and it was shut all of the way ( atleast we were assuming ) Anyway just wanted to share because I could not stop laughing I was dying.

Here is the little bugger.

Just look at him, he is naughty! Love this dog...

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