Friday, June 19, 2009

I forgot one more thing!

I also forgot the best news as of late. So I have to tell you the story, when I was 17 almost 18 I went into American Eagle to buy some clothes for Aj. The cashier asked me if I wanted to sign up for a credit card and I told him I wasnt old enough. He said how close are you to 18? I told him a few months and he told me it would be fine. I had never had a credit card but my dad always always was teaching us about them and how there not good if you dont use self control or good judgement. And so I knew it wasnt the best idea but I was determined to prove to him and myself that I could be responsible with it. So I got the card and I said to my self I will only put a $100.00 Dollars on it and then when I get paid in two weeks I am paying it off completely. So I got paid, and I didnt have a checking account or anything, so I always just cashed my checks. I went in and asked how I could pay my card off. The kid Daniel ( yes I still remember his name ) asked how I was paying ( because he was going to see if he could scam me or not ) I said cash. He then proceeded to say I could just pay him and he would send me a receipt in the mail! ( wow how could I be so stupid! ) I then agreed and handed him a hundred dollars. He pocketed my money I am assuming ( seeing as how the only way to pay on those cards is over the internet and for some reason it didnt end up getting paid off....) It took them six months to notify me and I was so scared to tell my dad that I tried to handle it on my own. Long story short they screwed my credit! I had Aj talk to one of the creditors about a year in because I didnt see how I kept paying on it and my balance wasnt going down. The guy told him if we paid 170.00 dollars right now then he would shut the account and he would take off all of the interest. We did that and he ended up not taking off the interest so it took them another six months to contact me again! ( by this time american eagle sold my credit and then they sold it again. So this is the third creditor ) I had my mom draft up a letter recently to send to them and to send to the 3 major credit score companies. And when I say I, I mean AJ! He just called them yesterday and they said that they are closing my account and that it will be completely off my credit and in 20-30 days my credit will show like it should have been. There saying above a 750! I never miss a payment on anything and I never go over fifty percent on any credit line.

I have to give the credit to AJ who has been dealing with them for over a year now ( and I have been fighting them for two years! ) He took it in his hands and took care of all the messy stuff. He is the reason why I am delinquent free. He is so amazing and I am so grateful for him. He makes me so happy and he is my rock! I love you AJ and I will never stop smiling with you around!


It has been so crazy lately!!!! I wish I had something really interesting to blog about but I dont. Lately we have been searching for a house. It is a love hate relationship! I love looking at houses and walking in and seeing what I do and dont like and what I could do to the space, but I hate how stressful it is. Especially when you find a house you like just to find out that its under contract or the people who put in offers are way over your price range. We had two that we really liked but we couldnt decide between them. Then we finally made up our mind on a sunday and she called on the following monday.....and of course they both went under contract saturday night. That really bummed us out especially because there werent alot of houses on the market that we loved! Well our lovely realtor ( who is amazing! ) found us our dream house!!! ( well for first time home buyers that is ) and we love her for it! ill post a few pictures, and I need to learn how to wait until things are guaranteed before I run my mouth but its hard. We are 99% sure that we will qualify completely. We have our down payment, now we just need to wait for the banks and for it to close. They are telling us that they are pretty sure they can get us closed in the middle of july!!! And if that is the case its going to be a busy busy month! We are going to moab the first week of july for the fire works and of course four wheeling. Then we will come home and move! I am so excited! I keep praying my little heart out that if it is the lords will than it will happen. I know if I do my fifty then he will do his fifty. Its crazy because I have noticed the more I go to the temple, the more I read my scriptures and the more I try to remember my prayers in the morning the more blessings I receive. He is amazing and I dont want to know where I would be without him!
ps: the pictures dont do it justice, when you walk in the front door you see the stairs up to the loft and all above you is open ceiling all the way to the roof with windows up there. I love it, once we get moved in I will put up more pictures.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

A little late I know!

Kenzie is obsessed with rocks so this above is her trying to dig one out of the bottom.
Like I said she wants to catch them so bad, she did this all day and could do it forever!

My little mountain goat on the rocks trying to get the best view of kenzie

Oh how much I do love this person, He is amazing in everyway possible!

Sorry everyone that my blog has been a little (ok alot) outdated. Life has been so busy. first I will tell you about our two year anniversary. Well I know that you are supposed to be doing the big fun anniversaries at first and then they get dull as you get older, lol but we do the opposite. On our first anniversary we painted our bedroom wall, and now this anniversary I had him take me shopping. AJ is so cute, he got a room up at sundance resort and planned out all these fun activities, So here is how our conversation went.

Lacey: How much total is it?
AJ: um....$400.00
Lacey: holy crap dude
AJ: Well I was afraid that you would be disappointed if I didn plan something fun.
Lacey: You are buying me a house, thats plenty!

So the plan is, as our anniversary present to eachother we are just going to purchase a house. That sounds good enough to me!

Anyway that day we took the dogs out to a little lake/pond behind Lone Peak to let them swim. Hilarious!
Kenzie is a hunting dog so she just gravitates toward any animal that could be considered a game animal. There were ducks all over the place and she would try and sneak up on them. She would start to get close to them in the water and then once she got close she would lay low in the water and glide towards them. Hilarious. And gizmo doesn realize that he can swim so he just goes in as far as he can reach and then he makes sure that he can see her. There were these little docks on the pond/lake and I watched him go out on one so that he could get a better look at his girl and a board was missing....well he didnt realize that and fell through! Wow talk about scaring the crap out of someone, I thought he was going to drown! So I went charging over there my hear beating a bajillion miles an hour and he came swimming out from underneath it. Then I could laugh but it did really scare me and him. Then gizmo and kenzie found a dead cat fish and they played with it a little in the water. so sick!

all in all it was a great anniversary! I love you so much AJ, you have taught me so many things, the biggest is how to love someone unconditionally. Sometimes I just sit and think about him and I cant help but smile. The lord must really love me to have sent you to me. I cant wait to spend eternity with you. I dont deserve you and I hope that one day I will!!! Always and Forever love!