Friday, June 19, 2009


It has been so crazy lately!!!! I wish I had something really interesting to blog about but I dont. Lately we have been searching for a house. It is a love hate relationship! I love looking at houses and walking in and seeing what I do and dont like and what I could do to the space, but I hate how stressful it is. Especially when you find a house you like just to find out that its under contract or the people who put in offers are way over your price range. We had two that we really liked but we couldnt decide between them. Then we finally made up our mind on a sunday and she called on the following monday.....and of course they both went under contract saturday night. That really bummed us out especially because there werent alot of houses on the market that we loved! Well our lovely realtor ( who is amazing! ) found us our dream house!!! ( well for first time home buyers that is ) and we love her for it! ill post a few pictures, and I need to learn how to wait until things are guaranteed before I run my mouth but its hard. We are 99% sure that we will qualify completely. We have our down payment, now we just need to wait for the banks and for it to close. They are telling us that they are pretty sure they can get us closed in the middle of july!!! And if that is the case its going to be a busy busy month! We are going to moab the first week of july for the fire works and of course four wheeling. Then we will come home and move! I am so excited! I keep praying my little heart out that if it is the lords will than it will happen. I know if I do my fifty then he will do his fifty. Its crazy because I have noticed the more I go to the temple, the more I read my scriptures and the more I try to remember my prayers in the morning the more blessings I receive. He is amazing and I dont want to know where I would be without him!
ps: the pictures dont do it justice, when you walk in the front door you see the stairs up to the loft and all above you is open ceiling all the way to the roof with windows up there. I love it, once we get moved in I will put up more pictures.


  1. I'm so excited for you!! I hope it works out having a house is the best! It's so nice you can do whatever you want :) so let me know i wanna come see it! love ya girly!

  2. thanks dani you are so cute I just love you!! ha ha I know im super excited! yes for sure because I need your opinion on where to put up paint and all that good stuff!

  3. Hey, tell your realtor you want to use Old Republic Title for your title insurance company and you can work with me!!