Thursday, May 19, 2011

Catching up ( slowly )

Hey guys, if any of you are still following im so sorry! Lol I know I say that alot ha ha. Life has been so crazy and thats why I have been MIA. Well im going to try harder now I promise.

January 2011

First off if anyone knows, we added a new addition to our family : ) her name is Ava, she is actually clyde's sister. It was kind of funny how it came about. Were really good friends with the breeder Joel. Aj calls him for anything dog related and he likes to keep tabs on the pups. It sounds odd I know, but he really loves these dogs and wants to make sure there being taken care of. Anyway we get a call from him one day asking if we wanted another dog. Keep in mind we already have two! He told us the situation, basically she was in limbo. The guy he sold her to ended up turning around and selling her for a profit. Then the new owners kept her for awhile then decided they couldnt take care of her, so they gave her back to the new owner who then in turn called Joel. He told Joel that he couldnt afford to keep her, he is getting a divorce and wanted to know if Joel would help him about and buy her back for the 400 dollars he bought her for..... Yeah I know! So Joel being the great guy he is agreed. Were pretty sure she has been beat, she is really timid. Well we fell in love with her and she has been a great addition to our little family, she has come along way and is finally getting some confidence. She is quirky, loves socks, loves to lick her butt for about an hour at a time, loves to roll in my garments, loves to chew up my toms, has the biggest feet in the world and is clumsy as ever, but is the sweetest dog in the whole world! Ill blog on some more updates soon guys!
Ava and Kenzie

Sweet little Ava on point

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