Sunday, September 19, 2010

Life as of late.

Life is still pretty much the same, I got a calling in the ward. I got called to the enrichment activities board. Nothing too special but I love it! I love my ward, Aj and I have made friends with another couple who we love. Tyler and Corinne Craig and there lab toby. We love it because were all newly weds kind of and we have dogs who love to play together. They are hilarious and we love there friendship.

Aj's brother Cooper left on his mission on the first. It was hard. I think I cried more with him then my brothers ( sorry guys ) we sure do love and miss him but we know that what he is doing is right and that the people of Bolivia need him. Were so proud of our coop, and I know this is a great sacrifice on his part but were so proud of him!

Hunting season is coming : ) its Clydes first season and were excited for him, he is a great retriever and an awesome dog. He loves the water and loves the birds. He is a quirky bugger that keeps us laughing, but we know he will do great.

Aj is still at Doug Smith Autoplex so if anyone needs a car you send them to him! He can do some pretty great deals. He still isn't sure what he wants to do but Cooper made him promise that he would be in school when he came back. Lets hope he is done with school at this point in time lol. Aj finally finished the beast, she is beautiful and he loves the thing. Im not gonna lie so do I, I secretly curse him as he drives away in it. Jk but its alot of fun I love driving the thing and she wheels great!

My brother Parker and his wife Brooke just welcomed there first baby Benjiman Parker Holladay on Sept 12th he was so small! Only five lbs! My other brother Cameron and his wife Annie welcomed there first baby CJ ( Cooper James Holladay ) in May and he is such a smiley guy I sure do love him. Next is my brother Kelly and his wife Monique in November. They will be having a girl!

Summer was too short and had very few vacations, I take that back it had NONE! We are so busy but hopefully we will be heading out on one soon.

Well thats all for now but I will try and update sooner!

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  1. Hey I just came across your blog!! You should blog more! It's not halloween anymore ;) I am addicted to this so called "blogging world" And I love to read what people write! Have a happy february!