Tuesday, December 16, 2008

How Aj and I met

K this is going to be a long one just to warn you. I was seventeen and so confused about where I was going in life. Especially with the church. I didnt really care who my friends were just as long as they were my friends. I changed who I was constantly just to impress people and I hated who I was. I had this group of friends that I started hanging out with, ( come to find out later caden and aj were friends also ) and they were good kids, who liked me for who I was. Well caden has a jeep, and I have one also. We were boating when he asked if I wanted to bring my jeep up with him and a bunch of his friends. so I agreed. Well this is where aj comes in. So were sitting there airing down our tires and around the corner comes aj with all four tires locked up. ha ha he barely missed me, but he claims he did it on purpose. So were all standing there talking and I couldnt help but notice how attractive he was. Plus he had a jeep so props right? Well I started asking questions from one of the other kids there. Come to find out he is 22, so strike one against me, he is a return missionary, strike two, and he is flirting with one of the girls there, strike three. So by this time I basically just didnt even think twice about it. So I end up getting stuck lol ( no surprise) so were all trying to get my jeep unstuck. Aj turns around on these abnormally large boulders just to pull me out. One of the kids that was there wrapped my tow rope around my brake lines ( he was high i guess) so when aj pulled on me my brake lines got pinched and torn open. Now i am stuck and I have no brakes. Then to make this hilarious situation ( sarcasm) even more hilarious, Caden gets in it and backs it out. So I went and gave him a big hug. Aj apparently felt left out. I thanked him of course. Any way, then we all turn around and I drive home with no brakes. Aj ends up keeping my tow rope for obvious reasons that I had no idea of. He ends up finding me on myspace and then we hung out that night. Well your prob thinking thats the end of the story? lol nope, I am so not done. We hung out for a month and a half strait. I swear all we did was make out ( I kissed him first ) I really liked aj and didnt want to lose him so we had the DTR conversation. He basically told me, in a nice way, that he didnt want a relationship. I was hurt thinking that I was just being used for a make our buddy. Then a couple days later he told me that I was right and he wants more. So now were official. We end up going to get a drink and I saw a bunch of my friends there ( they were all guys) and doing the natural thing I went and said hi and hugged them all. Aj thought I was a hooker ( ha ha) then on my way home from hanging that night he told me over text that he just wanted to be friends. I thought wow, he just wants a make out buddy. I basically told him that until he figures out what he wants im out of there. so I basically just ignored him over the course of two months. And by this time I knew that I loved him, but I wasnt going to admit that to myself. So you can see where I am coming from. Then he black mailed me ( lol) one day I got a picture message from him. It was the first night we hung out, we took a picture on the sinclair dinosoar. And from there he convinced me to hang out with him. And it was history. Its funny, people ask me how do you know. Well its different for everyone, but my first indicator was since the first day I met aj I wanted nothing but to be better. I wanted to be more active in church, I wanted to do everything I was supposed to. I wanted to do everything in my power to be better for him. To be good enough. And everytime I was down ( and still to this day) he boosts me up. Aj never not once has put me down. He makes me feel like the most important person in the world. I dont know where I would be without him. He helped me find me, he helped me heal from all the trauma I have been through. I will always be thankful to him. Mushy I know! but its ok.

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