Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Our California Trip

At the beginning of December we decided to take a trip to Aj's home town of Atascadero, California. So Aj, me, and Conner set off at 10 pm on saturday november 30th. Aj was gung ho on driving all the way through, but conner's back was killing him ( conner was in a bad accident awhile back and his back was broken) so we stayed in primm at buffalo bills. We then woke up to proceed forward with our trip. The trip to atascadero is sooooooooo long. I had to sleep to keep from getting too bored. On the way through you pass through wine country, and man is it pretty. rolling hills or orchards that are worth millions, if not more, of money. Thats when your getting close, and when I get way excited. Anyway we went and stayed with aj's aunt heidy in her amazing, old spanish, house. She is the most amazing lady ever! she cooks for us and is always so happy. And she is hilarious without trying. And of course her husband lee who is the chief of Hollister fire department, He is a funny guy. Our activities included, throwing apples at black tale deer in the middle of the day, Pismo beach, San luis obispo shopping, Mcclentocks ( disgusting) restaraunt, where I was pressured into eating a turkey testicle, pizmo hunting, getting broken for the first time by a chiropractor, and lots of scenic driving. I never really liked california, because all I had seen before I met aj was L.A, but you have to see his old home town. Its amazing!

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