Friday, March 20, 2009

Be Grateful

So I started reflecting on how grateful I should be. Many times we complain not realizing that it is not getting us closer to our dreams but putting focus on things that are really don’t matter. Daily complaining does not draw people to you but pushes those who you want in your life away from you. I recently started ending my day with reflecting on things and people I’m grateful for to bring me into focus. Be grateful for the place you are at now because there are others who are in worst places that would love to be in the struggle you are in.
K so now I am going to post things that I am going to work on next week.
- Not judging, that means even just something that someone is wearing.
- I am going to cook more for aj, whenever I do cook it feels so good!
- Read my scriptures, not just read them but study them. And do it as a family.
- Attend my spin class atleast 4 times a week.
-tell myself one thing that I like about me in the mirror
-Obviously what I wrote above : )
-Be grateful for all my blessings everyday.
Like I said these are things I am going to work on for next week and then I will take whatever I struggled on and redo it the following week followed by something else I need to work on : ) wish me luck!

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