Monday, March 23, 2009

A great weekend, almost...

Our failed attempts at keeping the torches lit.

conner kyle and aj

Our sad littl bbq

Mills and broch, love you guys!

So friday night was the release date of twilight and at first I was all gung ho on going at midnight and waiting for the release of the movie. Then I really thought about it ha ha. there was no way! but I wanted the movie so bad! so what was I supposed to do? So I decided to order it off of Amazon. I did the whole one day shipping and a movie that was supposed to cost 17 dollars then cost me thirty. I ordered it on thursday morning thinking it would be here in plenty of time.... well it didnt come and I was so disappointed. I had aj buy it for me saturday so that I could watch it and now I have the headache of sending the one back from amazon which I still have not seen yet.
Saturday was a great day for aj, me, and my aunt sandy. She called me friday night because she wanted a new car and was told to go look at corollas. I kept telling her no, come look at what aj has and he can get you into a great car for way cheap. So she came down saturday and found a subaru exactly like mine, same color and model but a newer year and she was so happy! the best part was that he got her into a brand new subaru with a sun roof and the upgraded sound system with nothing down for 310 a month!!!! I cannot tell you how happy she was. And how happy aj was. He is at nine cars this month and its not even over. What a blessing the lord is in our lives.

So then saturday I was putting together our dinky little bbqer. It is a portable one for camping trips and it has propane and everything its actually really cool. Anyway and so I was putting it together at about noon and it was so sunny outside so I thought why not do a bbq tonight with some friends. So aj and I called everyone and told them and they all decided to come. I went and bought all the stuff and was so excited until the stupid wind storm came. I put the tiki torches outside and we began the task of putting everything together. at about 7:15 we tried lighting the torches. they would stay lit for about five minutes before the wind decided to blow them out. lol I even tried to pray for the wind to stop but I guess the lord thought otherwise. We then abandoned the tiki torches and brought the chairs inside our unfinished basement. Everyone showed up and we ate and listened to Jack johnson. I love my friends, especially millie and broch. There such nice people and broch is so funny he kept walking around our basement with his ideas popping up. I liked it because you then get another opinion and he opened our eyes to new possiblilities for our sad little basement. Millie always brings a smile to my face, she is so sweet and nice. there a great couple! Conner is such a good friend too. Aj and I have been hanging out with him alot and its so fun. It is always interesting. Kyle is just hilarious! who wouldnt love that kid. Aj and I are very blessed to have the people in our lives that we do! thanks so much guys!

On another note, I have cooked aj dinner every night except friday because we went out to dinner. It feels great! I still struggle with my scriptures and will be getting better, I am doing really good at not judging! Every person I look at I think of a positive attribute and it is making me feel happier!
Oh I almost forgot about sunday! Sunday aj's cousin megan came home from her mission where she served in Guam. This talk was the most amazing talk I have ever heard! I have had talks bring me to tears before but she had me bauling and the whole congregation was right there with me too. She talked about how grateful she was for the mission and the people and in every word you could see the love that she had for the lord. Like one story she was telling how charity was huge there. She told one of the members that she wanted to try dog before she came home and the lady went home and killed her dog for her so that she may try it. Or some people didnt have money, one lady made thirty dollars a month and she asked if three dollars for tithing was enough for the lord. People there are so grateful for everything because they dont have anything. Another family had a car and they didnt have money for gas, so they would walk miles and miles everywhere everyday so that they may drive there car on sunday to go to church. It really humbles you and makes you think about things alot more.

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  1. You're so cute! I can't wait until I'm not miserable anymore and we can hang out with everyone more!