Thursday, April 23, 2009

Moab Jeep Safari 09

My brother Camerons Jeep
AJ's Jeep

My Sister and I

So this last easter we took a trip to Moab for the Easter Jeep Safari. We left wednesday april 8th and we towed aj's jeep down. On the way there we were so excited we couldnt stop talking about it. We had a great drive except that we got half way down there and aj turns to me and says whats flying around back there? I looked back and in the bed of the truck the lay in bed liner was coming out and half of it was flying around!!! so then aj was going to stop and I told him no, I ended up crawling through the window to the back of the bed while we are going 70mph and pulling a big jeep. ( it really wasnt that dangerous but it makes for a better story if I tell it like it is ) I get back there and I never realized how windy it gets in the back of those things. I was struggling to pull the matt down from the wind and trying to find stuff to put on top of it. Anyway I got it all put down and I crawl back into the cab and aj looks over at me and just starts laughing hysterically. my hair was sticking up! It took me ten minutes and alot of ouch's later to get all my snarls out. We get to Moab and our supposed suite turned into a regular room. Yeah they screwed us. I think on the last day we had a total of 12 people sleeping in our little hotel room. All they could do was take some money off of the room, but it still didnt make our trip any less fun. This year was the first year in a long time that I hadnt been driving. I sold my jeep last August and got into a car. I sold it because it was falling apart and I want a better one. Aj was nice enough to let me drive quite a few times, and to my amazement I did great! Aj's jeep is a manual, and my car is a manual so I know how to drive one, but I had never driven a manual four wheeling before. It was so easy and now I dont want anything but a manual for four wheeling. We went to potatoe salad and I wanted to drive up that but hubby said no : ( ( I think he secretly didnt want me to drive up it before him ) He said that it made him nervous for me. but I was excited to do it. Maybe next time. We had lots of fun with no broken vehicles and everyone in one piece. Thanks for the trip Aj.

My camera broke half way through the trip so I didnt get as many pictures as I wanted. Sorry!

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