Friday, April 24, 2009

Gone Fishing

Yesterday on lunch I went and visited Aj at work, Aj thinks he is good at hiding his feelings but he really isnt. I asked him whats wrong and he started to tell me how frustrating his job is going this month. Last month Aj had the best month that he has had since he has worked at Doug Smith. And as many of you know Aj sells cars so he all commissioned based. With Aj, its hard for him to sell cars if he is stressed. We just took a trip to Moab a couple of weeks ago and so he got out of his groove and started the first of the month with zero cars. ( he stress's way more than he should be ) And some of the salesman arent very nice, he has had a couple of deals get stolen from him and nobody owns up to it. Long story short, I asked him what releives his stress and he told me fishing. So I asked him if he wanted to go fishing after work. He then replied " lacey I get off at nine, it will be dark " So then I started formulating a plan. I thought if we cant go fishing then why dont I bring the fishing to him! then I thought, how do I do that legitimately? I thought at first I could go get goldfish and stick them in those small plastic pools but I didnt want to purposely kill the fish. So I hit up smiths and got a kiddy pool, and some of those fish with the dinky fishing poles. I proceeded to fill it up and stick them in there. My dogs follow me everywhere and so they came outside and next thing I knew they were in the pool dragging out the toy fish!!!! ha ha so funny! Aj came home I showed him and I think it brightened his spirits a little bit. We both had more fun watching the dogs enjoy it more than we enjoyed it, but here is the best part! I was just loading the pictures on here, and I clicked the box that says to erase them off the memory card when finished. I just looked to upload some and there all gone!!! Im so mad!!! Oh well, I will try to reinact tonight : (

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